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Trusted Window Film & Tinting Contractor in Akron

Window Tinting Ohio has been the preferred window film contractor in Akron for over a decade. We offer window tinting for buildings of all types in Akron including homes, schools, retail stores, offices, and more. Whether you need help selecting a film or have questions about a specific product, we are your go-to source for all things window tinting! We are experts in all the top brands including 3M, Vista, and LLumar and carry a wide variety of films to suit the needs of any building. Whether you need window film installed for your business in Maple Valley or your home in West Hill, University Park, or Oakdale, our trusted professionals are here to guide you every step of the way!

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Benefits of Window Film in Akron

Experience the benefits of window film for your Akron home or building. Our window films offer Akron property owners an affordable, hassle-free solution for enhancing privacy, security, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and more.

Energy Savings

Keep your space bright and beautiful while controlling temperatures and energy costs. Our energy saving window films are ideal for Akron’s climate and offer a solution for controlling heat, glare, and UV exposure.

Safety & Security

Akron’s history of crime makes security a must for any home or business. Our security window films offer Akron property owners peace of mind and are the ideal solution for schools, offices, apartments, retail locations, single family homes, and more.

Privacy & Aesthetics

Akron is a busy city, with a population of over 197,000 residents. Maintain your privacy and keep your space looking beautiful with our decorative and privacy window films. Perfect for enhancing visuals, branding, and controlling views, privacy films are a versatile and affordable solution that add beauty and functionality to any room.

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Areas We Serve in Akron

We install window film for properties located all throughout Akron, including the surrounding cities, towns, and suburbs. Some of the neighborhoods we frequently visit include downtown, Highland Square, University, Kenmore, Chapel Hill, North Hill, Firestone Park, Sherbondy Hill, Cascade Valley, Summit Lake, Arlington, Maple Valley, Wallhaven, Middlebury, Rolling Acres, and more.

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Window Tinting Ohio is here to help with all of your window tinting needs in Akron!  We carry a vast selection of commercial and residential window films to choose from and are always happy to answer questions. Call our office today to speak to an expert about your project or schedule an appointment!

Find out today how you can benefit from window tinting. Call Window Tinting Ohio to schedule an appointment for a free onsite consultation or receive an estimate on window film for your Ohio home, business, or public building.