bomb blast protection window film ohio

Bomb Blast Protection Window Film for Ohio

Disaster strikes unexpectedly. While there’s no way to predict catastrophic events like bomb blasts, you can still make preparations to protect your property. That way, in case something goes wrong, you’ll be prepared. Our bomb blast protection window films offer Ohio property owners steadfast security that protects buildings under even the most extreme circumstances. Perfect for schools, airports, stadiums, churches, and public buildings, bomb blast window films provide property owners with peace of mind while keeping building occupants safe from the deadly effects of a blast.

bomb blast security window film ohio

About Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

Advance your building’s security with bomb blast protection window film. This state-of-the-art security system combines high tech, advanced safety measures to protect your building from impact protection device and keep occupants safe.

Security window film is combined with an innovative attachment system to protect windows and areas made of glass from the effects of blasts. Energy from blasts is deflected by the film, protecting the underlying glass. If broken, shards will be contained safely within the layers of the film so that no one gets hurt.

With bomb blast protection film for your Ohio school, office, or commercial building, you can rest assured knowing you’re prepared, no matter what comes next.

bomb blast window film ohio

Benefits of Bomb Blast Window Film in Ohio

Bomb blast window film is a smart investment for schools, government-owned buildings, and commercial properties all throughout Ohio. Some of the benefits include:

  • Protection from impact caused by bombings, chemical explosions, grenades, and physical trauma to glass
  • Keeps broken shards of glass in place, protecting occupant safety
  • Protects buildings from high speed winds and natural disasters like tornadoes
  • Reduces the downtime required to repair building interiors
  • Does not alter window aesthetics or clarity
bomb blast security film ohio

Protect Your Property from Bomb Blasts

Window Tinting Ohio provides professional window tinting to the entire state of Ohio including Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of bomb blast protection window film for your Ohio school or property, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us today for more information!