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Window Film Safety Distraction Markers for Ohio

The modern workforce is constantly being distracted by technology. Cell phones, email messages, and text messages are common distractions that can throw off even the most focused worker. Anyone who walks to a meeting with their head down is in danger of being hurt! Window film distraction markers offer Ohio businesses a simple solutions for preventing glass collisions and keeping staff safe. Perfect for glass walls, conference rooms, building entrances, and more, safety distraction markers are an elegant way to prevent workplace accidents without interrupting the open, inviting feeling of your office. Choose from simple stripes or patterns or even a custom design to create the perfect look for any space.

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About Window Film Safety Distraction Markers

Window film distraction markers help prevent injuries by making glass partitions and walls easier to see. Decorative lines, patterns, or graphics can be used for safety purposes in order to make distracted staff more aware of their surroundings. By making glass walls more obvious and easier to see, distraction markers help prevent workplace accidents and reduce liability for businesses.

At Window Tinting Ohio, we carry a variety of commercial window films that are perfect for using as distraction markers. These films won’t interfere with visibility but instead act like guide posts so everyone knows where glass walls are located so they can navigate about the office safely.

window film distraction markers ohio

Benefits of Window Film Distraction Markers

Create a safe, hazard-free work environment. Window film distraction markers are the ideal addition to any Ohio office or commercial building and can help mitigate workplace hazards. Some of the benefits of using window film for distraction markers include:

  • Reduced risk of workplace accidents and injuries
  • Maintains the open, collaborative feeling of your office
  • Available in numerous styles included custom branded options
  • Can be removed and replaced as needed
  • Creates privacy without closing off the room entirely
window film distraction marker ohio

Keep Your Staff Safe with Window Film Distraction Markers

Accidents happen. But there’s no reason that anyone needs to get hurt. Keep your office safe by installing window film distraction markers for your Ohio commercial building. Call Window Tinting Ohio today to get more information!