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Let Ohio’s trusted window tinting pros go to work for you! Window Tinting Ohio is a full service licensed window film contractor that serves the entire state of Ohio. With over 10 years of industry experience in both commercial and residential installs and knowledge of virtually every brand on the market, we are the most qualified and trusted professionals in the business. We proudly serve all major cities in Ohio including Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, and beyond as well the surrounding suburbs and small towns throughout the state.

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Ohio’s Trusted Window Film Experts

Window Tinting Ohio is Ohio’s trusted source for professional window film installation. We offer a range of architectural window films to meet the needs of any building including premium decorative, security, and energy saving window films. Our team of experienced installers and product experts are ready to go to work for you!

Why Window Film?

Window films are a convenient way to address a range of architectural concerns and are a more modern, economical option than traditional methods. More beautiful than blinds and curtains and less expensive than double pane replacement windows, window films are budget-friendly, practical, and beautiful. Property owners enjoy a range of benefits including better security, more privacy, and improved comfort that increase their property value and quality of life.

When it comes to your windows, there’s no problem we can’t solve. Whether your goal is to protect your property from break-ins, save money on energy costs, or something else, we know exactly what products to use to get you there. Our experienced technicians will work with care and diligence to provide you with an immaculate install and long-lasting, satisfactory results.  

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You can’t put a price on privacy. Privacy is essential for a number of activities conducted through the day, from meetings at work to time spent in the comfort of your own home. Our window films offer a modern, practical solution for creating privacy without blocking natural light.

Explore beautiful frosted, tinted, reflective, and decorative options that create privacy while also heightening the aesthetic appeal of the room. At Window Tinting Ohio, we carry a vast selection of privacy films to suit the needs of every home and commercial building.

ohio window film glare reduction

Glare Reduction

Glare is not only an annoyance but also a major distraction. It can cause your employees to miss out on vital information during staff meetings or even ruin the new movie you’re trying to watch at home with your family. Trying to read a screen that’s washed out with glare can result in eye damage, headaches, or fatigue. Our glare reducing window films provide a powerful solution for counteracting glare while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural light.

ohio window film energy savings

Energy Savings

Sustainability and energy efficiency have started to take center stage in the architectural interest as concern increases over global warming and natural resource depletion. Our energy saving window films offer Ohio property owners a way to improve the performance of existing windows without having to replace them. Reduce your carbon footprint and regain control over your energy costs with this affordable, convenient tool that cuts glare, reduces hvac run times, and improves indoor comfort. With just one application, you could see a drop as great as 30% of your normal energy costs.

ohio window film uv protection

UV Protection

UV rays are one of the various types of light that make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Though we cannot see them, they’re quite powerful and can cause serious damage to our physical health as well as our belongings, furniture, and building interiors. UV blocking window film provides a solution for minimizing contact with UV radiation without reducing indoor brightness. Perfect for retail stores, offices, and even your very own home, UV blocking window film is a modern day technology that’s gaining traction quickly and offers numerous benefits to property owners all throughout Ohio.

ohio window film anti graffiti window film scratches film

Anti Graffiti

Are you tired of trying to find a way to keep vandals off your property? Are security cameras and locks doing you no good? Our anti-graffiti window films are just the solution you need! Thick and durable, anti-graffiti film is the perfect way to protect your property from physical damage and preserve its beautiful appearance.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your bathrooms, storefront, gym locker room, or someplace else, anti-graffiti film can provide the vandalism protection you need. These tough, scratch-resistant films can be installed on nearly any flat surface and come in a range of finishes including mirror, metal, glass, and more. Save money and protect your property from vandalism!

ohio hd clear conference room window film

Decorative & Promotional

Create flawless finish in minutes and turn any surface into a beautiful work of art with decorative and promotional window film! Decorative and promotional window films are the perfect way to customize the look of your home or building and come in countless different options. Create beautiful signage for your retail store, promote a big event at your venue, add your logo to your conference room walls, or dress up the interior of your home. With decorative film, there’s truly no limit to what you can accomplish!

ohio window film ballistic resistant window film

Ballistic Resistance

It only takes seconds for something to go terribly wrong and once the damage is caused, it can’t be undone. That’s why when it comes to safety, it’s important to take steps to protect your property and those inside. You never know when danger might come your way. In today’s world, violence is something that happens all to often. With ballistic resistant window film, you can prepare for the unexpected and protect your property from violence. Ballistic resistant window films provide comprehensive protection for critical safety situations, biding precious time and keeping people and property out of harm’s way.

Bomb Blast Protection

Explosions cause windows to shatter instantly, sending tiny deadly shards of glass into the air. These perilous shards of glass are catapulted at such a high speed that it’s impossible to react in time, and may lead to serious bodily injuries or damage building interiors. Our bomb blast protection films provide a solution for protecting your property from the worst and can help mitigation the effects of blasts, bombings, and explosions. From schools and research labs to power plants, airports, bus stations, and processing facilities that handle flammable materials, bomb blast protection films are a smart investment for buildings of all types.

ohio window film exteior refinishing

Exterior Refinishing

Chips and cracks in windows not only look unappealing, but can also cause major problems in terms of energy efficiency. Heat leaks through the cracks, increasing the temperature inside and sending HVAC equipment into a constant state of frenzy. Our exterior window films are perfect for sealing window cracks and chips and improving the energy efficiency and beauty of your property. Choose from beautiful reflective, neutral, or custom finishes to give your building a new, improved look!

ohio window film elevator surface refinishing

Elevator Refinishing

Stay up to date on elevator maintenance while keeping costs down low. Window film is the perfect option for refinishing your elevator on a budget. From dents in metal doors to scratches on control panels, mirror damage, and vandalism, virtually any type of damage can be disguised and concealed with elevator refinishing films. No matter what style of elevator you have, whether it’s a classic brushed aluminum or stainless steel elevator, a glass elevator, or one with wooden wall panels, we can help you find the perfect window film for all of your refinishing needs.

ohio window film bird strike protection

Bird Strike Prevention

Windows may be obvious to us humans, but to birds, the reflections look like nothing more than their natural surroundings. Bird strikes are a serious issue that are taking place all over Ohio and the rest of our country, causing an astronomical number of premature animal deaths each year. With bird safety window film, you can do your part to prevent bird strikes and keep our feathered friends safe.