A Revolutionary Approach to Architecture

Window Film offers an innovative solution that any residential or commercial property throughout the Ohio area can take advantage of. With leading money-saving solutions that address a wide array of property dysfunction, property owners can achieve their goals and transform their spaces with this effective, affordable investment.

office window film ohio

Office Buildings

From high-rise office buildings in Kensington to co-working spaces in North Ohio, window film provides exclusive benefits that can help improve your work space. Address workplace comfort, improve productivity, save money, and more with these exclusive office-designed window film solutions.

retail window film ohio

Retail Stores & Malls

Brick and mortar retail storefronts have to prioritize the guest experience in order to capitalize on their commercial real estate investment. From decorative window film for custom brand visibility to UV protection for optimal storefront displays, window film has extensive benefits that any retail location can benefit from.

hotel window film ohio

Hotel & Hospitality

Keep your guests ultra-comfortable throughout your hotel or hospitality establishment in order to keep them coming back. Window film offers numerous benefits for hotel properties, ranging from privacy solutions to improved guest experience. Make the most out of your building with our money-saving investments.

restaurant window film ohio


Ohio is known for having an incredible restaurant scene that’s noteworthy for locals and travelers alike. While food is king, making sure the dining experience is up to par is also crucial for setting the ambiance. Window film can provide incredible advantages for restaurants located in South Ohio to cafes in Old City.

classroom window film ohio

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities can utilize our leading, money-saving solutions for optimizing security, improving productivity, and enhancing the learning environment. From daylight redirecting window film to safety and security options, we can help you transform your school in order to create the best teaching and learning experience.

arena window film ohio

Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

In order to keep sports stadiums, venues, and arenas comfortable for the tens of thousands of occupants it can hold, it can cost a fortune. Window film helps these properties save money while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Create the perfect events space with these leading solutions.

secured building window film ohio

Secured Buildings

Secured properties including banks, police stations, military bases, and data centers can all utilize window film to address safety, improve privacy, and more. Enjoy exclusive benefits for securing your building and ensuring all your needs are met.

mass transit window film ohio

Mass Transit

Many people throughout the Ohio metro area rely on mass transit as their main means of transportation. Mass transit systems can utilize window film to create lucrative sales opportunities, keep their surfaces free from vandalism, improve security for buildings, and more.

government building window film ohio

Government Building

With a variety of both historic buildings and newer construction properties serving as government buildings throughout Philly, these public buildings can take advantage of window film. From energy-saving solutions to whiteboard film for better productivity, there’s a wide range of window film products that are perfect for government buildings.

museum window film ohio

Museums & Libraries

From preserving one-of-a-kind art to custom curation, window film can provide exclusive benefits for museums and libraries. Keep precious books, artifacts, and more protected while creating the most comfortable and engaging guest experience.

church window film ohio


Houses of worship from any denomination can utilize window film for a variety of benefits. Keep your congregation safe, improve energy savings, and much more with our leading solutions. There are even decorative film options that mimic the appearance of stained glass for custom, affordable upgrades.