Window Film Fact Sheet for Chicago Properties

Window film is a highly versatile property solution that offers an extensive range of benefits. Advancements in window film technology have transformed many aspects of architecture and how we approach improving dysfunction among both residential and commercial properties. Here is a comprehensive fact sheet that will help you make the most informed decision for your upcoming project.

Window Fim Facts, Figures, and Statistics

Learn more about window film facts, figures, and statistics for your upcoming residential or commercial project:

  • Window film can reject up to 97% of infrared radiation that’s emitted from the sun
  • Window film can block up to 60% of solar heat from entering a building from its glass windows and doors
  • Window film provides fade protection and health benefits by blocking out up to 99.9% of UV rays
  • Window film offers a sustainable solution– approximately every 16 feet of window film installed equals energy savings that total one barrel of oil each year
  • Businesses on average can get a full return on investment from window film within six months to three years– this figure depends on the type of film, glass type, and building size
  • Solar heat gain and radiant heat loss account for approximately one-third of a home’s energy costs
  • Approximately 40% of energy lost is through a residential or commercial property’s windows
  • Window film has been identified by the Department of Energy as a “first-tier technology”
  • Window film can improve the energy efficiency of glass by up to 92%
  • Property owners can save about $1 to $2 for every square foot of window film installed, resulting in as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass
  • Window film can reduce heat gain during the summer months up to 79%
  • Residential property owners typically see an average of 30% savings on energy costs during the summer and around 10% to 15% savings in the winter
  • An 8.8% carb emission reduction would occur if every home in California installed window film
  • Window films can offer carbon-negative benefits in as fast as six months from the day they’re installed
  • Window film can reduce the temperature of direct sunlight by as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit

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