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Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Ohio

The world is not the safe place it used to be. Every day, there are more reports on the news about school shootings, terrorist attacks, and protests that have gotten out of hand. Violence isn’t something hypothetical that we need to worry about; it’s something we have to expect and prepare for. With ballistic resistant window film, Ohio schools and building owners can get the rigid security they need to stay safe during violent and dangerous events. Ballistic resistant window films create a bullet resistant shield that provides comprehensive protection for high risk environments, keeping building interiors and occupants safe.

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About Ballistic Resistant Security Film

Ballistic resistant window films are a form of security film that have been proven to be effective against firearms. They protect building occupants by preventing glass from being penetrated and shattered by bullets. Broken shards are contained safely within the film so they do not fly across the room and injure anyone inside. They also make windows much stronger. In order to break the window, the intruder may have to shoot at it several times before it shatters. This gives occupants time to flee to safety.

Ballistic resistant window film systems are made up of security film and a specialized primer. The primer is a very powerful substance that has the ability to strengthen glass by altering it at the molecular level. Layers of thick security film are stacked on top of each other, with the priming agent in between each layer for reinforcement. This makes the glass ten times stronger than before – bullet resistant!

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Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Ohio

Ballistic resistant window film offers numerous benefits for Ohio schools and commercial properties. Every type of building – from mass transit systems like airports to daycares and government offices – can enjoy the security benefits of this product which include:

  • Protection from gunfire, grenades, pipe bombs, explosive devices, and high speed winds
  • Reduced downtime involved with recovering from an event
  • Invisible 24/7 protection that does not require human intervention to be operative
  • Can be strategically installed on windows in high risk areas like school lobbies, chemical research labs, display windows, and more
  • Lifetime protection for the area on which it’s applied
  • Injury prevent during accidents and emergencies
ballistic proof window film ohio

Get Bullet Resistant Protection for your Property

Window Tinting Ohio is here to help with all of your security needs. We’ve installed ballistic resistant window films for commercial and public buildings of all types including schools, stadiums, airports, libraries, and more. Call today to learn more about the benefits of ballistic resistant window film for your Ohio building.