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Huper Optik Window Films for Ohio Properties

Discover a clear solution to energy savings with Huper Optik! Huper Optik Window Films allow Ohio property owners to enjoy optimal climate control and UV protection without having to block out the sun. Using the power of nanoceramic technology, these optically clear window films maintain low reflectivity while rejecting heat and glare, improving your comfort without altering the appearance of your windows or reducing brightness! Keep UV rays off your furniture and floors, enjoy better screen viewing comfort, and save money on your utility bill with Huper Optik for your Ohio home or business!

huper optik ohio window film

Huper Optik Select Series

Why not have a perfectly clear view of your world and get the protection from the sun you need? With these specially designed window films, you can enjoy optimal light and comfort  without sacrificing aesthetics or clarity.

  • Multi-layer film blocks UV and infrared rays without reducing indoor brightness
  • Rejects up to 98% of infrared rays and prevents summer heat gain
  • Blocks 99.9% of UV rays that harm furniture, floors, and personal health
  • Retains optimal clarity throughout its lifespan
  • Cuts glare by up to 64% year round

Huper Optik Shield Series

Huper Optik Shield Series is a clear, multi-layered ceramic security window film that can be applied to any size window. It prevents glass breakage and protects people, furniture, and pets, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

  • Protects against break-ins, high speed winds, unexpected accidents, and other dangers
  • Ranges from 4-14 mil thickness so you can obtain the exact level of protection you need depending on your security concerns
  • Retains broken glass safely within the window frame, preventing it from being unleashed into the room
  • Provides 24-hour security and protection, all year long
huper optik window film ohio

Huper Optik Dekorativ Series

Customizing your space is easy and affordable with Huper Optik decorative window films. These stylish, colorful films will instantly transform any room in just minutes! Whether you’re looking for a solution for your commercial building or your very own home, Huper Optik decorative films are the perfect option for bringing your vision to life!

  • Available in numerous styles and alluring options including frosted, matte, textured, and more
  • Rejects up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your interior from the effects of sun damage
  • An excellent non-permanent option for dividing spaces and creating privacy
  • Provides plenty of natural light while still creating the visual effect and privacy you need


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