security window film ohio

Safety and Security Window Film for Ohio

Ohio home and business owners can feel safe in their property with the help of security window film. Installing security window film for your Ohio home or building is a great way to protect against break-and enters and safety concerns like natural disasters and accidents, as well as reduce crime after business hours. By strengthening glass and increasing its flexibility, security films prevent windows from breaking on impact, keeping building interiors, pets, furniture, and occupants safe.

security window film ohio

About Safety and Security Window Film

Crime statistics for Ohio are staggering. Crime rates in Cleveland are 140% higher than the national average. In Columbus, your chances of being a victim of property crime are 1 in 30. The violent crime rate for Cincinnati is 46.8 while property crime rates hang at an astonishing rate of 74.6. This makes it imperative for Ohioans to invest in security technology.

Security window film is an invisible, protective shield that helps you reduce the risk of injury and destruction to your property. It can be applied on areas made up glass such as windows, glass partitions, and doors to make them stronger and more shatter resistant. Not only does it delay intruders and prevent break-ins, but it also protects buildings during natural disasters, prevents glass-related injuries, and mitigates damage to home and building interiors.

safety window film ohio

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film in Ohio

Safety and security window film offers numerous benefits for Ohio homes and businesses, including:

  • Protection from intruders, graffiti, tornado-like winds, accidents, acts of violence, and more
  • Economical alternative to tempered glass for getting buildings up to code
  • Tear resistant protection that guards homes and buildings from intruders at all hours of the day and night
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal bars and security screens
  • Multi-layer design keeps glass shards in place when a window is broken so that people, pets, and objects stay safe
safety security window film ohio

Feel Safe & Secure in Your Home or Building

Get the peace of mind and protection you need. Call Window Tinting Ohio today for more information on safety and security window film or schedule an appointment with an expert. We’d be happy to visit your building for a safety assessment. Call today to speak to a representative from our office.