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Commercial Window Tint FAQ for Ohio Businesses

Window tinting is a great way to improve the security, energy efficiency, and privacy of your Ohio commercial property. Window film provides businesses with many benefits such as reducing heat absorption, cutting down on glare, blocking 99% of UV rays which can damage furniture and other items inside, improving branding and aesthetics, and more. Window films also help Ohio businesses save money by lowering energy costs associated with heating and cooling their building. If you’re interested in learning more about how window tints work, check out the FAQs below.  Here, we’ve compiled answers to key questions about window film for commercial properties.

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Commercial Window Tint – Frequently Asked Questions


Can window film be removed?

Window films are not permanent. This makes them ideal for situations in which the property owner does not wish to make any permanent changes. That being said, we recommend having your window film removed by a professional when you’re ready. A professional will know how to remove the film safely so there’s no damage to the glass or residue left behind. It’s important to know, once a window film has been installed, it cannot be reused.

Are window films safe for my windows?

Window film will not damage your windows. Of course, it must be installed properly and with the correct products. Our technicians are trained in all the best practices for safe installation. We know how to install window film correctly to ensure valid manufacturer warranties.

Will window film make my building dark inside?

No. Contrary to popular belief, not all window films are tined. In fact, some are  completely clear. You can even order a decorative or custom window film for your commercial building. There are some window films that have a slight tint but even these will not make the room dark.

Is there a window film you can see out but not in?

Yes. Reflective films and one-way visibility films offer this benefit. They use perforations, designs, or mirror-like effects to control visibility. These films allow insiders to look out but prevent outsiders from seeing in. 

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Is my business eligible for utility rebates after window film installation?

It’s possible. It’s best to check with your utility provider. Window films conserve energy, which some utility companies may reward. We recommend giving them a call to see what kind of rewards or rebates they offer.

Does commercial window tinting come with a warranty?

Yes. All window tinting products come with a manufacturer warranty. Keep in mind, warranties may different from one product to the next. For more information on warranties for a specific product, please contact our office directly. At Window Tinting Ohio, we also provide a workmanship warranty on our services.

How long does window tint last?

Window tints usually last about 7-10 years. However, this number can vary from one circumstance to the next. Sun exposure, weather, and maintenance practices all affect the longevity of a window film. 

What is the typical ROI for commercial window tint?

Most businesses achieve a ROI from their window film investment in about 3-5 years. This, of course, applies only to products with energy saving properties.

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Still Have Questions?

We’ll be glad to assist! Please do not hesitate to contact our office! We are always available to chat with our customers. A member of our team will help you get the information you need and answer any questions you may have about commercial window tinting in Ohio.