llumar window film ohio

LLumar Window Film for Ohio Properties

Window Tinting Ohio is your one-stop shop for all of LLumar’s window film products. We carry LLumar’s entire product line, giving you access to endless styles and options that will help make any architectural goal a reality in no time! LLumar films are well known for their quality and beauty, which has made them a popular choice for decades. Whether you’re looking to enhance the windows in your home, office, school, or building, you can count on LLumar to provide satisfactory, lasting results.

llumar window film ohio

LLumar Solar Control Window Film

Protect your home or building from the sun’s heat and light with LLumar Solar Control Window Films. Get more natural sunlight while also obtaining the glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy you need!

  • Choose from dual reflective, neutral, low-e, exterior, ceramic, and specialty options depending on your architectural needs and aesthetic preferences
  • Get rid of 99% of UV radiation that causes fading in wood floors, carpet, and building interiors
  • Keeps heat out of your property during the summer while also minimizing energy costs

LLumar Safety & Security Window Film

LLumar Safety and Security Window Films provides comprehensive protection for homes and businesses in need! By increasing the shatter resistance of glass, LLumar security films keep people, pets, and objects out of harm’s way and prevent criminal break-ins.

  • Take care of all of your security concerns with clear, solar safety, and anti-graffiti options
  • Keeps your property safe during severe weather, accidental damage, break-in attempts, and more
  • Keeps your windows clear and inviting so you don’t have to install unattractive metal bars or security screens
ohio llumar window film

LLumar Decorative Window Film

You can’t have too much creativity in your life! Unleash the artist within by using LLumar Decorative Window Film! This versatile film will allow you explore your  creative side by decorating any room with an array of patterns, prints, and finishes.

  • Choose from classic and modern options including frost, color frost, texture frost, nature, pattern, textile, gradient, and specialty designs
  • Perfect for renovations as well as new homes or buildings
  • Creates privacy between buildings and separates one room from the next

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