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C-Bond Technology Window Film Solutions for Ohio Properties

C-Bond is a revolutionary bullet resistant film that can provide peace of mind for Ohio schools and commercial buildings. C-Bond Systems have been shown to effectively reduce the risks posed by shooters and other dangers in public spaces such as churches, schools, offices, and commercial buildings. A true revolution in the world of security technology, C-Bond systems strengthen vulnerable glass areas, preventing windows and doors from shattering on impact. From protecting retail businesses from smash-and-grabs to keeping staff and students safe during security breaches, C-Bond Systems provide comprehensive protection, helping you stay prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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About C-Bond Systems

C-Bond is the world’s first security system that utilizes carbon nanotube technology. Using a combination of high grade security window film and a unique glass primer, C-bond strengthens windows and glass areas that are susceptible to breakage. By creating a chemical reaction that strengthens glass at the molecular level, C-Bond ensures that your windows will not break or crack upon impact! The special primer makes glass stronger and more flexible, giving it the ability to resist forces from extreme strength such as hammer blows, 100 mph winds, bomb blasts, and gunfire.

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Benefits of C-Bond Technology for Ohio Properties

C-Bond technology can greatly benefit any window film installation because it expedites window film curing times, but is highly recommended for all security applications. Some of the security benefits of installing C-Bond for your Ohio school or commercial property include:

  • Improves the performance of security window film and allows you to achieve results faster
  • Protects buildings from natural disasters, tornado-like winds, and dangerous weather
  • Prevents break-ins by increasing the shatter resistance of glass
  • Protects building occupants when violence occurs, allowing glass to resist gunshots and impact for a longer period of time before breaking
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Work with Ohio’s Trusted C-Bond Systems Experts

Window Tinting Ohio is honored to be the trusted source for C-Bond Systems in Ohio. We have worked with numerous schools and commercial properties to help them improve their security and tactile defense using bullet resistant window film. Call our office today to learn more about C-Bond or speak to an expert about your security needs.