Our Window Film Installation Process for Ohio Properties

At Window Tinting Ohio, we’ve spent years creating a time-tested, proprietary process for all of our residential and commercial window film installations. We utilize the most cutting-edge technology in order to optimize your window film investments, improve cure times, and help you utilize all the exclusive benefits of window film as soon as possible. We’re always committed to learning new methods in order to improve the process. We welcome you to experience the our industry-leading difference.

Step One: Window Film Consultation

We provide either same-day installations or consultations for our clients. During this consultation, our window film contractors will show you all the available options for your property. We’ll discuss your project goals and what investments are best suited for your residential or commercial property. We’re happy to either schedule a future appointment for installation or proceed with a same-day installation based on what’s convenient for you.

Step Two: Window Film Preparation

window film preparation ohio
In order to ensure proper adhesion of your window film, our contractors will prepare your windows by cleaning them. We utilize razor blades and squeegee tools in order to remove any dirt or debris that might be on the interior or exterior of your glass. This helps provide a proper cure and adhesion for your window film.

Step Three: Window Film Installation

window film installation ohio
Once your windows and glass doors have been cleaned and prepped, installation takes place. Our contractors custom cut your window film according to each required dimension in order to minimize product waste and create an effective, quick installation. For certain projects, we utilize C-Bond for quicker cure times and optimal adhesion. If you’re interested in utilizing C-Bond for your window film project, please let us know! Once installed, DO NOT CLEAN YOUR WINDOW FILM FOR 30 DAYS. Your window film will need proper time to cure and should be left undisturbed for the full month.

Why We Use C-Bond

C-Bond is a window film primer that is used to strengthen glass and window film products. There are two types of C-Bond systems, C-Bond I and C-Bond II. We use C-Bond I for most window film installs but are also happy to offer C-Bond II for your upcoming project. This incredible product can provide quicker cure times, better adhesion, as well as optimize the durability and performance of your existing glass and window film investment.