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Window Film for Ohio Schools and Universities

Window Tinting Ohio is pleased to provide a range of window film solutions for Ohio schools, colleges, and universities. We work with schools of all types from from elementary all the way up through higher education! Window tint can many benefits to schools ranging from energy savings, glare reduction, and daylight redirecting to security, bomb blast protection, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can keep your campus free of vandalism or are simply seeking an option that can help you control the climate and comfort of your classrooms, we’ve got the perfect window film for your school’s needs!

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Benefits of Window Film for Ohio Schools & Universities

Help your students succeed by giving them a learning environment that’s comfortable, secure, and distraction-free. Window film offers incredible benefits for Ohio school and university campuses, including:

Energy Savings

Many schools across the nation are struggling with budget cuts. Our energy saving window films provide a solution for cutting costs and reducing energy consumption in school. Teach your students about the importance of sustainability and ease the financial burden on your school with our innovative energy efficient and climate control films.

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Safety and Security

Violence in schools is nothing new, yet is nonetheless tragic. Keep your students and staff safe with security window film. We offer a range of security window films that are ideal for protecting school campuses including ballistic resistant film, bomb blast protection film, anti-graffiti film, and more.

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Glare Reduction

Technology is used everyday in the modern classroom. Help your students stay focused and productive by getting rid of glare on computer screens. Glare reducing film cuts glare by up to 78%, dramatically improving screen viewing comfort.

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Invest in your School’s Success with Window Film

Create a brighter tomorrow for your students by giving them a great place to go to school and learn. Call Window Tinting Ohio today to learn more about the benefits of window film for Ohio schools or schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!