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Elevator Refinishing Surface Film for Ohio

There are many factors that may cause aesthetic damage to an elevator. Movers may accidentally bump into an elevator door and dent or scratch one of the metal panels. Or a teenager might get carried away and write in permanent marker all over the inside. Regardless of the cause, elevator damage looks unappealing and can even cause some customers to feel unsafe. Our surface films are perfect for refinishing your elevator on a budget. Save money by concealing damage instead of replacing individual panels. Whether you’re dealing with glass, metal, mirrors, or wood paneling, we have the perfect window film for all of your Ohio business’ elevator refinishing needs.

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Surface Film for Elevator Refinishing

Surface films have become an affordable way to update elevators and make cosmetic repairs. They come in many different styles, making it easy to match whatever type of elevator you have! Simply select whatever finish you need – whether it’s glass, metal, wood, or reflective and our professionals will install securely for you. These films can be mounted right over existing damage including old dings, marks, scratches, etc. to make your elevator look like new! Elevator maintenance doesn’t need be expensive anymore; instead, refinish your elevator affordably with window film!

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Benefits of Elevator Refinishing Surface Film in Ohio

Whether you need to refinish an elevator on a school college campus in Columbus or your retail store in downtown Cleveland, window film is the perfect option! Elevator refinishing offers numerous benefits for Ohio commercial properties including:

  • Perfect for refinishing damaged elevator doors, wall panels, control panels, and ceilings
  • Conceals unsightly damage including scratches, small dents, marker, and paint
  • Sacrificial layer protects elevator surfaces from future damage
  • Allows you to make repairs quickly with no interruption to your day to day operations
  • Preserves your reputation and the beautiful appearance of your building by making your elevator look safer, more modern, and up-to-date
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Save Money on Refinishing Your Elevator with Window film

Save money on elevator repairs and maintenance with window film! Call Window Tinting Ohio today to get more information on elevator refinishing film for your Ohio business or speak to an expert about your project. We look forward to learning more about your window tinting needs!